COATED-19 Drums


COATED-19 Drums

COATED-19 Drums


Drum Kit

You don't need a plug-in filled with every drum under the sun when you know you'll only end up finding 1 or 2 sounds you really like. We've minimized the amount of time you would have wasted scrolling thru useless libraries by hand selecting 1 drum kit that will knock your socks off.

Complete Control

Each instrument is completely customizable within the Microphone Level Panel. you have full control over each microphone, including Overheads and Room mics, as well as Pan, Pitch and MIDI note selection.


Every person has a different opinion on how drums should be panned. Do you imagine yourself behind the kit, or are you in the audience watching the band? With a simple push of a button, you can now easliy switch between the two.

Parallel Processing

While other virtual drum instruments may offer "utility" type compressors and equalizers, we give you the "secret sauce" that distinguished mixers have been using for years to create some of your favorite drum sounds! Make your drums Punch and Smack with our built in Parallel processing.

Videos and Tutorials

The studio and the recording

COATED-19 was recording at Sonic Debris Studios, Dan Korneff’s self-designed facility in New York. The live room at Sonic Debris is bright, even sounding, and is specifically tuned for rock drum recording.

The drum kit was selected from Dan's extensive drum collection, for a modern sound that works across many genres of music. Dan mic’d and recording the kit through Sonic Debris’ vintage SSL 4000 E/G console, and processed through console and outboard eq’s and compressors. Dan, who is an accomplished drummer, personally played the kit for the sampling session. You’ll find the samples are consistent with just enough variation to sound human and “live."

Finally, Dan modeled elements from his drum mix signal flow: a vintage SSL listen mic compressor, and a tube emulation inductor based equalizer, and programmed the unique parallel processing found in the COATED-19 drum sampler. You’ll love these drums.

Drums, mics and processing

KICK Premier Elite Series 20" x 18"
SNARE 1 TAMA Starclassic Maple 6.5"×14"
SNARE 2 TAMA S.L.P. Sonic Stainless Steel 6.5"×14"
RACK 1 Premier Elite Quick Tom 10" x 8"
RACK 2 Premier Elite Quick Tom 12" x 9"
RACK 3 Premier Elite Quick Tom 13" x 10"
FLOOR 1 Premier Elite Quick Tom 16" x 16"
FLOOR 2 Premier Elite Quick Tom 18" x 16"
HI-HAT Zildjian A Mastersound 15"
CRASH 1 Zildjian A Custom 18"
CRASH 2 Zildjian A Rock Crash 18"
CRASH 3 Zildjian A Custom 19"
RIDE Zildjian Z Custom 20"
CHINA Zildjian A Custom 18"
KICKShure Beta52SSL82E149SSLE242UREI 1176 Rev.A
SNARE 1Shure SM57SSL82E149SSLE242UREI 1176 Rev.A
SNARE 2Shure SM57SSL82E149SSLE242UREI 1176 Rev.A
RACK 1Sennheiser MD421SSL82E149SSLE242SSL CF82E10
RACK 2Sennheiser MD421SSL82E149SSLE242SSL CF82E10
RACK 3Sennheiser MD421SSL82E149SSLE242SSL CF82E10
Mac OS Minimum Requirements
  • 1 GHz Intel Dual Core Processor
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • macOS X 10.10 or later
  • AAX, VST3, AU supporting DAW
  • screen res: 1024 x 768 or higher
  • iLok dongle or iLok Cloud
  • 64 bit DAW support only
Windows OS Minimum Requirements
  • 1 GHz Intel Dual Core Processor or AMD equivalent
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • Windows 7 or later
  • AAX, VST3 supporting DAW
  • screen res: 1024 x 768 or higher
  • iLok dongle or iLok Cloud
  • 64 bit DAW support only

Reviews for COATED-19

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7 reviews for COATED-19 Drums

  1. Jason Soudah (verified owner)

    These drums sound amazing! I have been a huge fan of the sound of Dan Korneff's engineering and production work for decades, and would always be curious on how he gets his sounds and now we have this amazing Virtual Drum Instrument which is amazing!! Not only are the samples really in your face and hard-hitting, but there is the potential to drastically change the sounds to fit with whatever production you are working on, and the in-built parallel processing with the "talkback" limiting is an extra stroke of genius! Thanks so much and can't wait for more of these drums, as well as more processing plugins following on from the amazing Pawn Shop Comp!

  2. Jason Dundis (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing! The snare is especially great right out of the gate. With only a little processing, it took over a lead role in a current mix from another well known sample library.

    As a writing tool, this entire kit is a no-brainer. It sounds incredible right out of the “box.”

  3. James Morrison (verified owner)

    Amazing sounding samples. Subbed in to a mix I’ve been working on and it INSTANTLY sounded better. Right out of the box, no tweaking! Far easier to use, far better sounding and far more “human” than even the highest tier/most expensive drum sample library available right now- at less than a FRACTION of the price! Best $$ I have EVER spent on a plug-in/sample pack for music production! I can’t wait for more kits to be added to the family - I’ll be back and I’ll be buying more for sure!

  4. Pedro Vinagre (verified owner)

    Coated-19's kick and drum room is what led me to buy the plugin. One of the best sounding kickdrums out there.
    I have lots and lots of drum samples and Kontakt libraries, and this, besides being Kontakt player-less (which is awesome to me), sounds as good (or better) as some way more expensive drum software out there.


  5. christian machado (verified owner)

    Drum sounds for anyone really wanting mix ready tones. These sounds are amazing and sound incredibly warm and real, unlike many other drum AI's. Love this so much!!!!!!

  6. Marcin Buzniak (verified owner)

    This kit is insane. I have it all, almost all the midi drum libraries but this one is unreal. I record real drums in a big room for most of my projects and this kit still can really improve their sound. It’s extremaly punchy, huge, impactful yet very natural sounding. And the cymbals sound great too! Best virtual kit I’ve used!

  7. Gerard Barbato (verified owner)

    I was recently working with a client that was using Dear Agony for a reference mix. Between these drums and the Dan Korneff Tonehub pack, it was one of the easiest sound selection sessions ever!

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